Introducing ParaCloud ProCaaS®
"Process Control as a Service"

Why manage modern BioPharma manufacturing with legacy software that costs you in downtime, manual processes, lost productivity, and high license fees?

Cloud powered process control

Deploy from anywhere

Manage from anywhere

No software licensing

No proprietary hardware or languages

One subscription that includes everything

Monthly subscription fee for each device

No more costs "per tag" or "Per I/O"

Software updates included & applied remotely

Pay for what you control, when you control it

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The Origins of ProCaaS®

Abundance in Medicine

Abundance in Medicine

Why our mission to create Abundance in Medicine drives us...and should drive you too!

New Results require New Processes

New Results require New Processes

As Einstein (maybe) said..."Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." By this definition, the current BioPharma Process Control industry is… insane.

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